Here’s to you, my lady bug
You’re my gift from God above
Precious little angel child
Come, be still with me a while

It rained for weeks before you came
How do you know I love the rain
The whole world changed when you found yours
No, nothin’ new would be the same
Never fear child
I’m right here child
Lady bug

Here’s to you my wild flower
May you stand the tests of time
Dark days come, and dark days pass
Just keep reaching for that sun
Always grow child
And always know child
Wild flower

Here’s to you, my blue-eyed girl
It’s your time to change the world
Freely give the gifts you bring
Whoa learn to laugh, child, dance and sing
Be yourself child
Find yourself child
My blue-eyed girl

So here’s to you, my lady bug
Come be still with me a while

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Written By:
Cody Jinks
Vocals: Cody Jinks
Bass: Joshua Thompson, Scott Lee
Lead Guitar: Jon Wallace
Steel: Roger Ray
Drums: Blaine Crews
Organs: Julie Bonk
Fiddle: Milo Deering
Background Vocals: Kristen Major, Nick Choate
Release Date: April 11, 2012