REVIEW: Cody Jinks – ‘I’m Not The Devil’

Jinks states that he started making country records about 10 years ago. Before that he was a guitar player in a thrash band called Unchecked Aggression. They won’t appear in any genre’s hall of fame. Nothing remains commercially, and that chapter of Jink’s musical career is well and truly over. Fortunately for us he chose … Continued

Album Review – Cody Jinks’ ‘I’m Not the Devil’

Combine the steel guitars and fiddles with Cody Jinks’ honest, heartfelt writing and a baritone twang, and you’ll find just about every factor that exemplifies what hardcore country fans look for in traditional country music. Jinks’ 2015 Adobe Sessions introduced him to a slew of fans, and now Jinks is on the road with Whitey Morgan, bringing … Continued

Cody Jinks: A Man of Hard Honesty and Unrelenting Heart

And it’s gonna get hard before it gets easy — I oughtta know. That’s the way Cody Jinks chose to start “No Guarantees,” one of the standout tracks on his new album I’m Not The Devil. Jinks’ infectiously smooth baritone barrels through the track with a steady confidence that undermines the overall concept of uncertainty in … Continued

Hear New Cody Jinks Tune “Chase That Song” Ahead of New Album

You’ll be hard pressed to find another country album for the rest of 2016 as heavily anticipated by fans in the know as Cody Jinks’ I’m Not The Devil. Due out August 12th, the reigning Saving Country Music Song of the Year winner feels poised for a breakout with this one, and the snippets released … Continued