Cody Jinks: A Man of Hard Honesty and Unrelenting Heart

And it’s gonna get hard before it gets easy — I oughtta know. That’s the way Cody Jinks chose to start “No Guarantees,” one of the standout tracks on his new album I’m Not The Devil. Jinks’ infectiously smooth baritone barrels through the track with a steady confidence that undermines the overall concept of uncertainty in … Continued

Hear New Cody Jinks Tune “Chase That Song” Ahead of New Album

You’ll be hard pressed to find another country album for the rest of 2016 as heavily anticipated by fans in the know as Cody Jinks’ I’m Not The Devil. Due out August 12th, the reigning Saving Country Music Song of the Year winner feels poised for a breakout with this one, and the snippets released … Continued

Song Review – Cody Jinks’ “I’m Not the Devil”

In 2015 a great crop of fresh faces in country and Americana arose on many people’s radars. Hands down one of the best artists to emerge amongst this group was Cody Jinks. While it was his fourth album, Jinks’ 2015 album Adobe Sessions felt like the awaited breaking out of the next big star in … Continued

Hear Cody Jinks Declare ‘I’m Not the Devil’ in Dark New Ballad

Cody Jinks may have started out as a singer in a thrash-metal band (the volatilely named Unchecked Aggression), but it’s his appreciation for Johnny Cash and outlaw country that informs his upcoming album I’m Not the Devil. Due August 12th, the record is the Texas singer-songwriter’s interpretation of rule-breaking country, performed by a bearded, tattooed … Continued

Saving Country Music’s 2015 Song(s) of the Year

When it comes to picking the “best” songs from a given time period, it’s a much more subjective chore than selecting the best albums or the best artists. Our relationship with songs is just so much more intimate. The emotions songs can touch tend to range so much farther on the spectrum. To discover a … Continued